Wednesday, February 8, 2012

We both stayed in Perdoes for at least one more transfer, I will finish the training of Elder Inácio and I think I will leave but anything could happen. This last weekend We had the baptism of Antonio who is the dad of Uriel who was baptized the 15 of January, it was truly a miracle because his wife wasn't very interested never went to the church with him and he seemed he was without destion, but we said how are you feeling about your baptism this week, because it was marked a few weeks ago, there was silence, and he said, what time will it be. I was utterly trilled and we hurried to plan a interview and planed the baptism. The baptism was wonderful and we Had seen the gospel changed his life.

This week we had decided to work in a neighborhood we haven't worked in, we didn't have any investigators in that area. When I arrived here 3 months ago there was nothing resent the Area book, we only had old investigators  8 months ago, and the people we had baptized had been references from the members and in other areas in the city. We both agreed to work there, it has been a little rough be we know that there are people waiting to hear the Gospel we just need to go find them. We are thinking of more ways to use the members and we are creating a atmosphere of success to help everyone in the Branch help. There is much work to do and with the lords help we will do it.


Elder Sands