Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Very clever Acea, Maybe a little cruel, but I know you would do something cool because you are very very creative and that is why you do so well creating music and other neat things, who will you go with, what is her name?

Well I have some terrible news, the whole mission is terribly sad because of this; we learned in a leadership meeting on Tuesday that President Tanner will end his mission at the end of two years which is this July. We only have 4 months with him before he goes home. If you didn't know, President Tanner has a disease that weakens his legs and other parts of is body, sometimes he can't walk very well because his is in a lot of pain. When Elder Ballard and Anderson came to the mission they noticed he didn't look very well and they spoke with President Monson and he will be released in July. We will get another president, President Perrotti a Brazilian, I think he will be good because his was the church director of seminary here in Brazil and loves working with youth.

The work is progressing, this last Sabbath day we had many miracles happen. One is that we received a reference from a member and that she is very interested and we will plan to teach her and plan her baptism for the 11 of March. We taught a man whose name is Caio we found and we went to church, yesterday I was on a division with Elder Gilherme, the Zone leader, and we helped him mark the date 18 of March to be baptized. With our hard work the lord is giving us the blessings and we are seeing them in abundance. A few weeks ago I was not sure how we will succeed to baptize people this month but I knew it will work out and after the test of our faith we can see.

Thank you very much for the support and love


Elder Sands