Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How are you all doing?

I heard about Karyl it is wonderful to hear that she is okay and that she will get a new car. I hope you Dad will get better, it is helps you here in Sao Paulo the weather has been about 90-95 degrees for many weeks and will start to get a little bit colder in a month or so.

This week has been great, I feel that I am learning many things every day and it is great because this helps, in not only missionary work but also after my mission too. We are helping a great daughter of a member here in perdoes prepare to be baptized in the coming weeks, I feel that the lord is helping with our investigators and with our work, but I know that we need to work harder. Today I had the privilege to climb to the Top of pedra grande, about a 2 hour trip to the top in a pretty steep incline. It brought back the wonderful memories of the 50 miler and camping trip with the other young men in our ward, it gives my better feeling know that they are or preparing to serve missions and enter into this wonderful work.


Elder Sands