Wednesday, March 21, 2012

It sounds like everything is doing well at home, Acea is having a wonderful time and that Ryne has put in his papers, maybe he will join us in Brazil in one mission here, but let me know where he is going.

We had transfers yesterday, my companion left and went to the other side of the mission and I stayed here in Perdoes with Elder LeGrande an American from San Diego. He is great, a little quite but he has a desire to work and we will do many great things this transfer. We had the baptism of Tais last Saturday it went very well. we did it in a pool of a member , because the pool at the church building is falling apart and we asked for a new one but I think is will delay a bit.

What are the top blessings of serving a mission; I thought about it a bit and here are couple of things.

1. The greatest blessing I have received is the blessings my family has received. It started from day one with Levi's marriage I was jumping with joy to see how well the lord is taking care of my family. One thing I heard a General Authority say, when you are on your mission most of the blessings are received by your family, only after the mission is when you receive the personal blessings the Lord has promised for you.

2. The other greatest blessing I have received is helping people change their lives and to see how the gospel changes everything for the better. it is amazing to see how people change, it brings me great joy to see them progressing the gospel and receive these blessing and this is why we are out here to to help our brothers and sister return to our heavenly father through baptism and enduring to the end.

Thank you very much for your love and support


Elder Sands