Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Dear family I am doing great

I am just having a wonderful time here in the wonderful country of Brazil. The days are hot but it gives us more excitement and energy to work. We are helping two people to be baptized this next week. One is a reference of a member her name is Tais and she will be baptized the 15 of March, she has been prepared for a long time now, it was a matter of inviting her to be baptized and she accepted the date of 15 which is her only day off. The other person is Caio I think I told you about him last week, he is wonderful, he loves the church and is reading and praying and the his baptism will be on the 18 which is that Sunday. We are very excited to have this kind of Success, we know that we have been doing our part and I know that the lord was strengthening our patients, ability to teach better, and strengthening our Faith to help preach the gospel.

This week  President Tanner has been focusing on the Standard of Excellence for our mission which is 1 baptism per week, 6 baptisms marked, 10 investigator in the sacrament meeting, 20 new investigators, 15 lessons with members, 40 lessons in all. In the beginning we had some troubles with reaching this standard, but with the help of the lord and the leaders we are showing our offering to Christ with our work. Many people think that worrying about this is only worrying about numbers and not the people, but one thing that President Tanner has been teaching is that when we work our hardest and reach this standard the lord will put the people that are ready to hear the gospel n our way, and to reach our potential.

This is a wonderful work and we are the workers in the Field with just a little sacrifice and effort we will do miracles

Tchau, Tchau

Elder Sands