Thursday, May 24, 2012

I can't believe that Brother Osborn passed away?

It sometimes is so hard to see people that you know end their mortal existence and going to the spirit world but I have a Peace and comfort that they are doing a wonderful work and that they fulfill their purpose here on the earth.

Sorry I didn't right to you guy yesterday Elder Pietz and I went to the temple for all of the missionaries going home this transfer, it was wonderful, it was the first time in the Campinas temple but I loved the sweet spirit there at the temple. After that we went to do a little shopping. We went to a tie shop where they sell really good cheap ties like the ones Karyl got for us. There wasn't enough time yesterday to write.

Thank you for that good lesson on obedience which is really true and I will do better to be exactly obedient in all that I do.

This week we are planning two baptisms for a young man whose entire family are member except for his dad, and a woman who we have been helping quite smoking.

This is a great work and there isn't another place I rather be to really help everyone receive the restored gospel being baptized with the authority of God.

I love you all

Elder Sands