Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Yeahhhhhh I am so happy that Karyl. It is so cool to see the blessings flooding it to our lives, the windows are open and it is a hurricane of blessings. And if her guys really served in Campinas let me know, I would have been 15 years ago but It would be cool to see the growth of the church.

Here too we have some great blessings, it seems that for our hard work we are seeing that the Lord is putting people in our path so that we can help them come closer to him, some weren't those really elect people that will be baptized this week but it is helping us keep our faith strong and strength to work. We are teaching some references of members who have a great chance to prepare to be baptized here in a few weeks. We are also having a great success with the inactive members we are working with I can see how the spirit that we bring into their homes helps a lot I fell that we are doing our part and it up to them and the Lord to change their hearts and use there agency to receive the blessings of the gospel again by coming back into activity. We are helping a young man, Richard a brother of a really active young woman, to be baptized either this week or next we just have to find the time to teach him.

Thanks a lot for the letters and keep me updated.


Elder Sands