Wednesday, June 27, 2012

I am soooooo very happy right know and it doesn't bother me not to see them get married I wrote to her already and I said get married and soon as possible I am more certain now that When I get back I will visit everyone in Utah And that Will be great. It is just neat how much blessing we can receive really the windows of heaven are open and they are stuck open.

We too here in Avaré are seeing many great blessing and miracles happen here. These past few weeks we haven't seen the most success but, it was a test of our faith and this week we are helping 3 or4 people get ready to be baptized in these next weeks all of which are friends our family of members. This week too we are getting a new Mission president, President Tanner will end his mission here on Saturday, we were all a little sad but we also are excited for this new President, he has been the institute director for Brazil ad he just sound like a great guy. The lord is Will us helping all of us and as we are faithful we will receive all of the blessing the Lord has in store for us.

The shoes I got are great, the rubber sole is light and comfortable and I will be using them a lot this next year.



Elder Sands