Wednesday, June 6, 2012

These past few days have been a little crazy. On  Sunday we had a wonderful baptism of Bruna who is a sister of a wonderful member in the ward, she was taught one year ago but didn't what to get baptized, but with Elder Peitz and I we were able to help her recognize her desire to get baptized every time she went to church.

After we started our journey to Campinas because Elder Peitz was to go home that Monday, that Monday we went to the office and I said good bye as he went off to get an interview with President Tanner, I was hooked up with Elder Dyes for that day. I went to go pay for my package, it was a lot to spend but I am glad I got it, and the Butterfingers were really good and the shoes will work out fine; thank you a lot. Then I had to go get my visa renewed because I was walking around illegal in the country but now it was all taken care of.

Tuesday I meet up with my new companion Elder Permann who just has 3 months in the field, but he is a good guy and we are going to work good together.

We arrived today from Campinas and haven't gotten to do much but I will keep you posted and this Sunday we will watch the temple dedication for the Manaus temple which ended construction which will be very exciting.


Elder Sands