Monday, October 8, 2012

General conference was great, but each time it seems like it goes by faster and faster. I loved the talks by Elder Holland Elder Eyring in the Priesthood session and many more. The unspoken theme seemed to be how to really be converted to Christ. And the mission age was a little surprising. Today is the Last day of the transfer and my companion is getting transferred. I am excited to stay in the area we are going to have a few baptisms in a little bit, but we need to think of a different way to work here.

The time is passing by and we learn new things, I have seen that I have learn and changed quite a bit this past year and half and seeing how the Lord has helped me change through the refiners fire. The Ward is growing and the members have a lot, more excitement for the work last week our mission president came to our area and taught everyone how easy and natural it is sharing the gospel and also gave me more hope and excitement of how we can work in this area.

We are trying to help the same wife of a returning member get baptized but she wants to have her husband baptize her but his testimony is weak and there has been some problems and we are hoping with our help and of the Lord she will be baptized her in a little bit. We are teaching a young man who was brought to Church by his friend who was baptized 6 months ago, we trying teaching his parents but they are not really interested in the church but gave us permission to baptize there son so we will be on that her in a little bit.

I saw those pictures and everyone is a lot bigger it will be a little weird going back and see what has changed.

Love you all