Monday, October 29, 2012

That is cool Acea that you are liking Eastern it was 100 percent harder for me but you have many wonderful talents that will help you a lot. Did you guys get the DVD I sent in the mail?

I have a few things to report to you guys this week. First, because of the nature of our area, to do things differently and to help change the people's vision of the church and find a new way to find people we starting an English class. A member made simple invites and we have already given out almost 200 invites to everyone we see on street. There wasn't anyone that went last week, but this week all of the members are inviting people and we are going to get a banner and professional invites here soon.

Work was a little difficult this week. First we had a lot of rain; last Friday we got caught with hurricane force winds and rain. We just got soaked. I don't know why we were literally dancing and singing in the rain because this is the Lords work and he is looking out for us.

This last week we found a great guy, his name is Daniel and he just loves having us over and he is reading and praying; wanted Heavenly Father change his heart, but he wasn't able to come to church this week, but he will.

I am glad to say that we are working our best finding new ways to find and teach people so they can accept the gospel through baptism and confirmation. This is truly a wonderful work we have the privilege to be a part of.

Tchau Family

Elder Sands