Monday, October 1, 2012

That is good you are liking college Acea it was way better but way harder than high school, just study until your eyes fall out and you will be ok!

This week was a lot better and we are seeing more progress and ideas of what we can do to work and find people in our area. Yesterday we had a fireside with our mission President in the ward and a lot of people went. We had invited him almost 3 months ago to get the ward excited for missionary work and to really talk to people about the gospel. He gave a lot of personal experiences to show how easy and natural sharing the gospel is. With any conversation it can quickly lead to opportunities to bear your testimony our give a pass-along card. It doesn't matter if people accept or not we need to plant seeds in any person at any time. I learned a lot about to not get down on myself if it seems things aren't going so well just give the Lord a chance in anything that you do.

I am excited to watch General Conference it may be my last one in the field.

Love Elder Sands