Monday, December 17, 2012

Well I don't exactly know the time next week to Skype maybe it will be 5-6 my time in the evening but we need to ask the member to see what time we can do it at his house.

Well this week has been raining quite a bit, we just hit the Brazilian raining season, but it helps keep us cool from the intense heat. We worked our tails off this week contacting all of the people that already went to church in the area book to see if they can get baptized last week, but it turned out that they all need to get marred so we will work with a few promising families. Yesterday the only investigator that went to church was Eilton who is ready to get baptized; all he needs to do is plan to get married here soon with his girlfriend he is living with, and they live in another city and want to get baptized here, but he is planning on moving her to Valinhos. Our stake president already okay-ed that we can teach him we just need to get the OK from President Perrotti.

We had a wonderful Christmas dinner at the Church building on Friday and a lot of people brought friends and we were able to contact them to pass by and teach. On Saturday too we had a Christmas presentation at the temple of choirs and a lot of people bought friends and family and we were able to teach a lot of people and references for other missionaries in the other areas. And we got to sing silent night that was pretty neat and people said that the missionary choir was the most spiritual so I hope people were changed by the spirit.
I might send another Short email in a few days to see what time exactly I will be skyping you, and did you already send to package?


Love Elder Sands