Monday, December 3, 2012

That is great Acea that you are doing well in college it was my favorite part of high school and I learned a lot of how to study and spend a lot of time learning.

To answer your question I am in the city of Valinhos which is 10 min away from Campinas and 15 minutes away from the temple and it sounds like the family we helped baptized last year will be going to the temple the 22 of December so I will be going to the temple for that.

Something really cool happened on Saturday. We weren't with anyone to baptize this week and really no progressing investigators and all of the sudden we got a call of Flavio Cooper who is the first councilor to president Perroiti and said that his mom, Maria Thereza, after 38 years wants to be baptized so we hurried and called the district leader over and he gave her the interview and the next day she was baptized with her great grandson it was truly a miracle that helped us be even more excited to work here.

We are finding so more people, but in the meantime we are helping a young man in the ward get over his struggle with drugs and we are helping as much as we can this family. Really we are trying to serve this ward with anything we can find and they are starting to recognize that we are here to help and be a blessing rather than being a problem.

Let me know what time would be good for you guys for Skype on Christmas so we can plan it soon.


Elder Sands