Monday, January 28, 2013

This week has been wonderful. On Tuesday we brought one of our progressing investigators to the temple; it was wonderful, it always wonderful visiting the temple. On these temple trips My companion has be talking it upon himself to talk about the Temple and we showed Valter the Ensign temple addition and we could all feel the spirit strongly, and we are planning to have him baptised this Sunday.

Elder Ribeiro is a great missionary and person who is trying to overcome his personal weaknesses, and it was great to see him being led by the spirit to bless other people's lives. Afterwards we went to go eat pamonha which is a sweet corn mass wrapped up in corn husks which is really good.

On Wednesday we had planned and practiced a very special lesson about the Pplan of Salvation with an emphasis on baptism and that was a powerful lesson that helped our investigator Anderson understand and feel the importance of being baptised, and he accepted to really do everything to find out if this is indeed the true church of Christ and we are seeing a great progress. Also his wife Carol his helping him read learn and they are both excited this is great.

We also had an Activity of the Italian pizza we invited a recent convert and he brought two friends, it was great to see them getting to know the other members and to feel more comfortable in the church building so I hope one of this days they will have a desire to go on Sunday.

On Sunday we had 4 investigators who came which made us very happy to see results to our work and we are still trying to help that couple from the other city marry and be baptised but it is still down the road a little bit.


Love Elder Sands