Monday, January 21, 2013

The Work is going great this week; it was a week of blessings. We were able to teach our investigators every day this last week, with members, it was great to have everything come together. We were able to find several great investigators and two of them went to church. One is Juilano; we found him right outside of his house and we talked with him and we came back to teach him and we gave him a ride to church. He wants to get baptized but sees the need to repent to change his life and we are helping him quite smoking and drinking. He is great because he really has real intent to fulfill his commitments. The other investor's name is Anderson, he is the husband of a less active member that has lived in Valinhos for about a year and a half that no one knew about. We found them on the ward member list. He has been to church several times but has not found that desire to be baptized. Last week we taught them with a member. He went to church yesterday so this week we are going to use the spirit to prick his heart to get baptized this week. We are seeing some great progress in the people that we are finding that are really ready to accept the restored gospel. We just need to sometimes overcome the trail of faith to see the promised blessings of the Lord and not forgetting to do all we can to do his will.

Thank you for the help!

Love Elder Sands