Monday, February, 11, 2013

This week was great we were able to find more people to teach, we found out this week that we have been invited to teach in a rehab clinic which will be great to help people overcome drug problems and a member in our Ward has his son in the rehab center so that will be great to see him on a regular basis.

On Sunday Walter was confirmed and I was able to confirm him, it was my first time confirming someone but it was great to help with the spiritual progress of some one. We were able to go to the temple with Anderson and Carol, the couple we have been teaching, it was great; the spirit was powerful and we went into the waiting area to enjoy the sweet spirit and explain a few things about the temple, and Carol, she always says next year we are going to get sealed, giving indirect signals to Anderson. We also had and great family home evening with Walter our recent convert and Anderson and Carol, it was celestial and now Walter is planning to do a family home evening at his house this week.

We found out about transfers and I will stay in Valinhos with Elder Ribeiro which is what I was wanting, to end the mission in a place where you have a great friendship with the members. Don't worry we are going to work very hard this transfer and go out with a bang baptizing several more people and doing the most good we can.


Love you

Elder Sands