Monday, February, 25, 2013

This week a lot of things have happened. First Anderson the husband of the less active member decided to be baptised this week so we marked his interview and he was baptised yesterday it was very special, he will help out a lot in the church and in one year my companion will watch them getting sealed. He was tricky it took almost 2 months for him to get baptised, he was the kind of people that questioned everything and that is helping his family to have an interest in learning more about the church. Another notice is that in June Campinas Brazil mission will divide in two and 7 new missions will be created in Brazil, I would see that change but this is great because many cities that never had missionaries will get missionaries to grow the church a lot.

Something funny that happened this last week was evaded a lot of young women. There was a group of girls giving free hugs in the center and by the time we realized what it was it was too late and there was 5 or 6 girls on us; we told them we couldn't they were saying your religion doesn't permit it and then we were explaining to them our rules and then we managed to escape.

Well see you later and in a few weeks and don't worry we are working hard and we will baptize a few more people yet.

Love Elder Sands