Monday, May 4, 2015


This week we are teaching a family, and for some reason, they’re having a hard time with getting ready for baptism. They keep postponing it, they have a hard time coming to church, and it’s tough trying to get their 8-year-old to get an interview with the bishop of their ward. They’re not even certain if they want to be baptized into the deaf branch, or the hearing ward so that’s a nice hurdle we still need to jump over.

We finally got in contact with a family that has been so hard to contact. The family has pretty much become less active, and when we finally knocked on their door when they were home, they graciously let us in. The dad is the only deaf person in the family so they’ve mostly had hearing missionaries. We sat down and talked about how things are going, and the father expressed how he really isn’t converted and has doubts about the church, but his wife is as strong as a rock, she is just experiencing a large amount of stress and health problems that she’s just sick and tired of. She asked for a blessing, which Elder Burr anointed and I blessed. I think that was probably one of the best things we could have done to help the testimony of the father. In Preach my Gospel, it says that if someone is intellectually questioning what you are saying (or the gospel in general), testify, for it is hard to question something borne of pure testimony. I’ve found that to be the most helpful things out of the book so far.

I talked with my Mission President about the incoming iPads we are supposed to have. He said that the home ward of the missionary is supposed to be paying for it?!?! Did you know of this? I don't want to impose on the ward. Other people are more important.

Looking forward to Sunday and talking with you for Mother’s Day!

Elder Sands