Wednesday, May 27, 2015


This last week was just great. The reason why I didn't write all of you on Monday, was because we had transfers this week. Our P-day was moved to Wednesday.

The most notable thing that happened this last week was our lesson that we had with one of our investigators at the Mesa Temple Visitor's Center. We invited a mostly active member, with her less active husband to go with our investigator that day. When I heard that less active member testify that these things are true, I wondered why is he less active, but whatever, we'll work on him.

We watched the movie: Joseph Smith, Prophet of The Restoration. It really touched the investigator hard as she watched how the church started, and the life of its first leader. She felt the spirit so strongly, which is essentially the whole purpose why we take investigators to the temple. We then walked around a bit and showed her several different things in the visitor center.

A long time ago (1981), when the visitor center was dedicated, President Boyd K Packer dedicated it and blessed it that it would have the same spirit as the temple. That is a special and marvelously generous blessing. Most of all, it is true. And it had a very strong effect on our investigator, and opened the door for us to discuss the reasons why she has been reluctant to be baptized. She's been experiencing great stress and hesitation in wanting to be baptized.

So, this week, I want to stress the importance of the temple. The temple is the most holy place on the earth, and it is the only place we can receive special blessings that allow us to live with Heavenly Father again. I would impress upon all those who have not yet been or cannot go due to personal issues, or just a lack of wanting to go, to reconsider and go if you can. To those of you who can't go, that should go, you will not, for one second, regret having made the decision to go.

Again to all of you, have a great week, I look forward to writing you, and hearing from you too.

Elder Sands