Monday, June 8, 2015


Hello everyone!

We just recently moved to a new apartment! Here's a picture of how MY COMPANIONS organized it. Notice how there is one spot that is completely trapped during the night (has to climb over people to get in and out) and, of course, that's my spot.

A member visited from Sandy Utah and her and her husband (and dog) are wonderful! She made us the fancy ties we're all wearing.

All clouds outside and still 106°. How is this possible!?!

Well enough of the trivial news, we had a great week. One of our less active members who we’ve been working with for a while finally came to church with his less active daughter and two of his investigating granddaughters. It was so wonderful to see them there and it was probably the best Sunday for them so show up as we had some of the most marvelous testimonies born. Our investigator who is close to baptism said a few weeks ago that she has not been feeling the spirit at church, but this week changed it all around. We had a lesson with her two weeks ago and we discovered that she was not keeping the word of wisdom. We discussed it seriously with her for a while then, at the end, we offered to give her a blessing. She accepted and we blessed her that she would be able to trust God and find the knowledge and courage to quit. The next week she said she felt like it was just stupid to drink coffee and had not had any the entire week. That was such a miracle.

During our Fast and Testimony meeting, I took the advice of my mission president (which was for all the missionaries to bare their testimonies that Sunday) and bore my testimony with two hopes: First, that what I would share would strengthen the less active members and our investigator. Second, a testimony grows in the bearing of it. So, I bore my testimony, and afterwards, I thought about what I had said-had I left the impression that I had wanted to leave. I kind of felt like I didn’t. I had given far more powerful and spiritual testimonies many times. But, when I went to go talk to the less active members and our investigator after church, they said they felt the spirit so strong and were extremely grateful to me. I am so thankful for testimonies and the power that they can hold.

If you didn’t this past week, I would invite you this week to share your testimony with someone. It may not seem like success at first, but you will plant a seed, like the one mentioned in Alma 32:28-43. Or maybe they’ll have a change of heart on the spot! Never know…

Have a great week!

Elder Sands