Monday, September 27, 2009

I have very little time this week, so let me first answer the question, how is the language coming after 6 months. The language is good I guess but I still can't understand a lot but it's bearable. I wish I had a companion that was more helpful with learning the language, but instead he just gets frustrated and nothing more. It's not for lack of effort either. I study everyday como un hour often more because my companion is always sleeping. I hurt for these problems too. This week I was really trying to be positive and happy but it was just a mask and it kind of caught up with me on Friday morning because we left at like 10:15 and came back at 11:40. I was so down! Iniquity weighs on the soul, let me tell you, even worse because I want to do better. We are supposed to be out at 9:30 and return at 12:30, so yeah that's my life. And even worse, we're having a decent amount of success. It's killing me. I'm not wiping my garments clean of their blood para nada (Jacob 1:19, I think)! Such is life. I believe I got a confirmation from the Lord I'm doing alright given the situation.

Well we had a robbery this week, but I'll share the details next week as I just don't have time. However the thing is, I'm incredibly calm and was during the assault tambien. So I view that as I'm doing all I can and the Lord is pleased with that because I was totally fine, very calm considering what happened which is a miracle but we're alright but it's still going to be a long transfer, but such is life, I'm developing a lot of patience.

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