Monday, September 7, 2009

Well this week was hard, but I thought of an analogy I really like. I was a swimmer as you all know and the hardest part for me was always starting, because the water is always cold. It's this way because at a certain temperature it is perfect for swimming laps, But when you're not swimming and just sitting around it's too cold. It's kind of like that in the mission. The only way you're going to be happy, content or warm is if you are swimming or as in the mission, working. The manager or Christ has prepared the water for the work or for swimming. We just have to take a deep breath and dive in.

I would always swim the butterfly first (it's the stroke that takes the most energy and the hardest) to warm up and I would swim like mad the first few laps to warm up to get used to the water then after I would worry a lot more about technique because I was more comfortable. Work especially in the mission is like that, we dive in trust in the Lord that the pool is the perfect temperature for the work. At first it will be a shock and difficult but as we work we'll get used to it, we'll be warm and comfortable.

I could say more about this analogy but I don't have any more time today.

Thanks again for all of your love and support, thanks so much!

Elder Sands