Monday, November 2, 2009

Well it's transfer time! It is always really exciting and this transfer was really weird! I'm not in Bolivar anymore which was really kind of sad. All of the members were really sad to see me go. I actually got a little bit emotional. Not quite to tears, but I'm really going to miss them! Two girls that I had the opportunity to teach and baptize were really sad to see me go too. They wouldn't even let go of my hand for like an hour! It was a little bit awkward but it was really nice to know that I'm really going to be missed.

It's an amazing thing this mission. It's one of those things that you just can't quite put completely into words, but it's a roller coaster! You come in completely blind (and really in Bolivar because we arrived together) and you get to know the people the streets the places and then bam one call and you're ripped away from all of that. As I always say "Así es la vida."

As for me I got transferred to the place that I believe a lot of you thought I was at. I'm now in Olavarría. It was a really short transfer. It's like getting transferred from the Beacon Hill Ward to the Lincoln Heights Ward. I'm even in the same district and my District leader is now my companion. So that's what happened.

The area is really slow right now because unfortunately some missionaries before were doing some stuff that made the members lose all confidence in the missionaries. So now we have to gain back that confidence. Elder Lopez (my new companion) and Elder Taliercio (the missionary that was with him in this area the last two transfers) have gained back a little bit of that trust but there's a lot of work to be done!

I'm really excited for this transfer because Elder Lopez is really obedient and that is exactly what I want! He is from Mexico City so I hope I won't pick up his accent too much. I've got a very defined argie accent for a Yankee (that's what they call Americans here). So we'll see if I start developing the Mexican accent. I hope not but I'm really looking forward to working like crazy this transfer!

Everyone, thanks for everything!

Chou, Elder Sands