Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Sorry Mom but happy mother’s day. I didn’t even know until someone happened to talk about it on that Sunday, I am now repenting. My P-day has been changed to Tuesday and I still email around 13:00 São Paulo time which is 4 hours. I would also very much like to what Levi did to propose to Julie. Also if it is alright can I get an email from Julie, I have to make sure she isn’t talking a too awful chance on Levi. I am probably not the first one to say this, but welcome to the family, Irmã Julie.

Brazil is a wonderful place, I was conversing with a brasiliero about brazil and one thing I have seen is that the church is strong, the members are have built their foundations on Christ, I have learned so much from our Brazilian roommate in just 3 weeks. we go to the temple we get to see a portion of São Paulo, the things I notice is that they only have small carros, they drive crazy, mostly the motorcyclists, and If you look down when crossing any street, you will get run over. Not to worry if you stay vigilant you will make it. Many people come and go in the CTM unless you are learning Portuguese, I feel the second biggest hurtle to jump is finding the needs of investigators, teaching it to them with to spirit, and ensuring that there conversion is in the Bok of Mormon. The language is coming better that I thought, we are able to teach, expound a little and teach with the spirit, it is just hard sometimes really being in sync with my companion, not because of lack of effort, but something that is new to both of us. We sat down and figured out what we can do to teach better, and we both knew that we really need to listen to the spirit, to each other, and also to the investor. It is wonderful to see how when I don’t know what to say next, Elder Meredith knows exactly what to say. We also were taking about how we do ok to good in lesson, but how can we be better not settling for less is the key. This Gospel is true and the Work is guided by Christ himself, one quote I heard is that Christ wants you to succeed. He is helping me; I could not do this work without him or the spirit.

Talk to you next week and sorry about the spelling I will try and do better next week.

Love you Mom and family, welcome to the family again Julie. tchau.

Elder Sands