Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Thank you so much for the emails, I figured that because of the time difference I didn’t get it time. That is so exciting E estou muito animado that Levi is engaged. It feels as if it is a pretty big prank, but I am very excited to hear to good news. All I ask is to send a picture to my mission Home, because I will get it in about 6 weeks.

The CTM is different than Provo. First of all, this CTM is a fortress with 20ft high wall, razor wire and spikes on the walls, with motion detectors, and a Israeli security firm that protects us. Don’t worry the Brazilian people are very nice, e muito Bom. The food is much better, different and much healthier. The teaching is different, with all native teachers. We learn grammar and then we apply everything in teaching and practicing. TE is wonderful because we get real advice on things we need to improve. This last Friday we went out proselyting in Casa Verde. It was difficult at first to speak to the brasileiros, but I could feel the Lord was helping me speak to the people with the spirit. We talked to several people that were Catholic and didn’t want anything to do with us but still were very friendly. Many people in Brazil say they have Books of Mormon, most of our time we committed people to read it, pray about it, and go to church that Sunday. We did talk to a few people and I felt the Book of Mormon in some way will change their lives. It is truly wonderful to share the truth of the gospel to the people of Brazil.

The language is coming faster than I thought possible, the gift of tongues is real and we couldn’t do this work without it. The cool thing is the help the Brazilians give you, and we in turn teach them a little bit of Ingles.

I love you both, Levi and minha Irmá Julie; ok, Spanish seems awkward and Portuguese seems natural. Levi did you now a Lopez family in Argentina, I know an elder here that might have remembered you

This gospel is wonderful and I feel the blessings and I know you guys are too. Eu amo todas pessoas em Brasil e voces. Até Logo tchau tchau.

Elder Sands