Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Thank you for that wonderful email Julie, I know that this is truly exciting. And I am not worried about our brotherly bond, you are a lot more pretty then I am.

This is the last week; hopefully I will be able to send some pictures next week in the field. My favorite scripture is 1 Nefí 3:7, now that I am here this declaration of faith and trust in the lord has been my goal, to be the instrument the Lord wants me to be and to not be limited to sharing the gospel through our limited knowledge but to rely on the spirit. The language is coming faster and I am able to teach simply with lots of help from the spirit, and I fell that I am really learning how to teach effectively, and the language comes. The gift of tongues is my friend and a remarkable gift from our Heavenly Father because he truly wants this missionary work to succeed. On Friday we were able to go again out to share the gospel with the Brazilian people, but this time in the downtown São Paulo in the financial center for South America. After we pleaded for help from the lord Elder Meredith and myself went about sharing the gospel. We talk to an older lady who was really excited to hear that the Book of Mormon is another testament of Jesus Christ. Also the Lord led us to a Bishop and we were able to talk with many people in his office and give two Books of Mormon to great people. The spirit does truly lead us even though we don´t know some times that we actual were and are. I hope everything goes well for the wedding and I Hope everything is Ok with Karyl I keep all of you in my prayers. Thank you Julie for taking care of my brother, you can have him all to yourself and maybe the Lord. And for those who don´t know and are wondering CTM is Centro de treinamento missionário de Sáo Paulo, MTC but in Portuguese.

Love you all!

Tchau até logo from the field,

Elder Sands