Wednesday, June 15, 2011

This has been a wonderful and interesting week in Sumaré. Last Tuesday we had a down pour, a real life flash flood, I got my first bath in the streets (meu primero banho nas ruas), because of the hills and streets the place we were at, the streets were flooded. Right now, the days are really hot, but at night pretty chilly and my sweater is now one of my favorite friends. This week we found a new area if strength. On Monday we found 11 new investors, and taught 7 first lessons all on a couple of streets. The great thing about it is that we had to go back the next day to give them Books of Mormon.

Another Interesting thing about proselytizing in Brazil is that we sing a lot. We sing before Personal study, before companion study and before all lessons with members or investigators. Pray is also a wonderful thing, to help investigators learn how to pray, we first show them, then they try or we pray and they repeat, Brazilians are a wonderful, friendly, cooking people. The food here is great and I always love lunch, today we are eating lunch with an investigating family who has been prepared to receive the Gospel. Also I have never used my garrafa (water bottle filter) because the people that we teach give us water, sometimes food; it is a different and wonderful Culture.

Elder Sands