Wednesday, June 1, 2011

This was a great last week at the CTM, we made goals to work hard, to learn what we can and to prepare for o campo (the field). It is a little sad to leave our humble abode of 2 months but we know our time is up and we need to go out into the field and to use the things we’ve learned and to go and serve. Then the day came, ontem (yesterday) to arrive first at the Mission home of President and Sister Tanner. We had a wonderful Almoço (lunch) and had interview with the president to let him know who we are and get a sense of how we will work. Then we received some training by the assistants and received a very confortable travissiero (pillow). That night I recebei (received) my first companion and trainer. His name is Elder Bennett from Draper Utah, but the cool thing is, he only talks to me in Portuguese, at first I thought he was Brazilian because he spoke it so very well. I am able to communicate better because of this, and he is helping me with grammar, better words to use in contacting and teaching.

Last night we were able to follow up on a family and taught some things about the Book of Mormon. At first it was hard but the spirit helps you beyond your imagination and it is becoming easier and easier to speak Portuguese and it hasn’t be so bad speaking no English for one day now. The Lord is helping me with this work. I was able to give a spiritual thought at a recent converts house, the teaching came more natural than at the CTM, I can feel real love for the people.

My P-days are on Wednesday and I am on around 12:00.

I am so excited for Nathan, Drew, Matt, and even Adam. Brazil is a Wonderful country with Wonderful people, and Portuguese is a wonderful, beautiful language. Just work your hardest at learning and doing.

I encourage you to write me at:

Elder Sebring Sands
Rua 10 de Setembro, 38
13023-100 - Campinas - SP

And it takes three stamps to send.
Até Logo, Tchau

Elder Sands