Wednesday, June 8, 2011

My First area I am in the city of Sumaré which is fairly big, in the area of Matão which is on the edge and next to sugar cane fields. The work is going great, there is a difference in proselyting in Brazil, everyone is really friendly and they let you in and we are able to teach them the first lesson. But the thing that lets us know whether that person is ready to hear the gospel is we always invite them to be baptised in two weeks. This might sound weird but we really can focus our efforts on those that sincerely what to follow Christ.

My daily routine is pretty normal, at 6:30 we wake up and exercise and get ready for the day. At 7:45 we eat a small breakfast, if we have food. A thing about Brazil is we always eat lunch with members every day except our p-days which are Wednesdays. Then we study, first personal, then companion which right now Elder Bennett is helping with the lessons in Portuguese, then language which is helping me more with the language. Then we go out for about an hour and on our way to lunch and contact people, this is the best way to find people and their address are always good, then for the rest of the day we go find people’s houses from the contacts, visiting investigators, some members to strengthen, and less actives.

One thing I observed today at p-day with my Zone is that you have to speak the mission language always, and only when we are teaching Brazilians can we speak English, you can feel and tell the difference between Elders. My companion is fluent and doesn’t have to think about speaking while other Elders having been the same time in the mission have a hard time and still have an accent. I am so very grateful for my companion and his diligence in everything.

My time is almost up and I will remember to take a better Picture. Para-béms (congratulations) on the ring it looks really nice.

Tchau, Tchau.

Elder Sands