Wednesday, June 29, 2011

This first Mouth has gone by really fast. At times there is simply not enough time in the day to work, but we are able to share the gospel as change lives.

I will share an experience that has helped steer me in the direction for my mission. On Monday all of the new missionaries that have been out for one mouth meet with President Tanner for more training. I was very exciting to see old friends from the CTM and my district, but is was saddening to hear so many speak English, this may seem ok and normal but what I have learned on my mission from experience and general authorities is this. For missionaries learning another language for their missions, we have to be able to preach and teach the gospel in the native tongue of the people, and knowing just a missionary vocabulary is not magnifying our calling. The only way to really learn Portuguese is to only speak it. It really also shows the inward commitment of the missionary to use all of heart might mind and strength to this work, when you learn the language with your whole heart and with the help of the Lord. You can tell the difference, hear the difference and you witness the change of the missionary to become Christlike and to be the instrument the Lord needs you to be.

The work here is growing, we have found many wonderful families, and several are progressing to baptism. Also on Monday we were teaching Maria and Armando, they at first had many doubts and did not have much of a desire to read and pray to know that the things we were teaching them are indeed the fullness of the gospel of Jesus Cristo. All we did was pour our whole soul out in testimony, the simple testimonies of two Kids that are week, but have been made strong in the Lords hand, and they opened their hearts, and the spirit change their hearts. Maria said that she was wondering why we knocked (clapped) at their house, and share this message with them out of all the people in that neighborhood, I said, we are here because are message is true and are messengers of Jesus Christ. They said I know that I need to read this book and go to this church; I have never felt this way with any other person and from any other church. The Gospel changes lives and we are here to help change their lives.