Wednesday, August 17, 2011

That you for the letter Julie, and Parabens for your casamento por eternidade (marriage for eternity). Welcome to the family again, and I would love to see some picture of your reception and other events.

This is the last week of my second transfer here in Missão Brasil Campinas, time is never enough to get things done sometimes. Oh and I have exciting news, we are preparing two teenagers for baptism this Sunday and they are different than any other investigators we have had, they expect everything, read all that we have them read and when we asked them about baptism they were sincerely excited for their baptisms.

The process I am going through to become a true missionary is coming along, line upon line, lesson upon lesson, conversation upon conversation. Being like Ammon I have learned does not happen overnight but a process, a process that if build upon principles of the gospel and diligence we will become a powerful, successful, Christlike servant of the lord. But and the same time you can be successful day one, when you have the desire, goals, consistently grow and learn, practice, learn from mistakes and struggles, let the Lord mold you into the instrument he want and needs you to be, align your will with his, and work diligently, we are successful.

My Portuguese is becoming better every day, and as I look back at the beginning of this transfer I have progressed a lot. The funny thing is English I harder for me to speak than Portuguese. I say phrases and pronounce words for my Elder Martins my Brazilian companion, but a conversation is difficult. I have seen that as I have worked and only speaking in Portuguese the lord has blessed me with the gift of tongues and has taught me the lessons I needed to learn and still need to learn.

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