Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Oi Familia tudo bem? Como vocês estão.

I sound like you had a wonderful time I hope Acea, sometimes things aren’t perfect, but we can still find that joy and learn from things. Things are always good If we want them to be, happiness and joy is a choice we make not is circumstances we find ourselves in. for my I would much rather have that hope and fun rather than looking for things we don’t like.

The work is moving forward here in Itatiba. This city is the city of hills, and hills, and a small hill in the near distance, but one thing is my strength is increasing, and some times and the rate of my ability to speak Portuguese. I also have really exciting news, we are helping another wonderful brother enter the waters of baptism on Saturday night. It is exciting because he can now progress, sentir este felicidade and receber the holy ghost sempre (always). We have found people, taught people, brought people to church, but only those who are truly prepared and elect have the desire to know for themselves if these things are true and a desire to be baptised. We haven’t had a lot of baptisms but I know that these two people are firm and truly have a desire to live the gospel and that brings me much joy.

My Mission life in the first few months really is the ground I am building my mission off of, every day I truly realize that I don’t do things that great, I have many weaknesses, and I have my own challenges as well. With teaching, every time I teach I realize I can do better and need to do better, some time I feel like I haven’t learn anything. But the one thing that is hard is teaching in Portuguese and no one understands, they look at you funny and my companion then re-explains everything I just said. But I am grateful for this; to break me down so that I can be molded into the instrument the Lord can then thrash the wheat of the harvest. I learn and improve from these things; some Elders I see don’t learn from their weaknesses and never improve. I know in whom I can really trust, that he has strengthened me and continues to strengthen me and is slowly but surely making my weaknesses become strong.

One thing I have been really focusing on is teaching with much more excitement, power and effective ness with questions, scriptures and love to. One great example I learn from a lot is the gospel principles teaches in the Ward. She is Italian and shows that excitement that makes me feel like that we can baptize hundreds. This is what I am working on, and I can see how much I have improved in just a few months, this is exciting and oh if I can just show you these people and where they were and where they are going then people will realize how great this work is.

Até next week, tchau tchau

Elder Sands