Wednesday, August 31, 2011

I am sorry it is taking so long to get the picture, it is a little difficult to find a spot with a nice background that you will like, and my old companion was tired of taking pictures, but I will take a picture here in a praça (park or square) that has very beautiful gardens. But I don´t know if I can send it while I am here because my companion told me the computers don´t work with the cameras. You can tell people I am on my mission really and steer them to the Blog

Well we have had a few changes in the mission, we have a new mission President, Presidente Pizzirani, President Tanner was not realized but had to go back to the US to have surgery on his leg, and He was hoping to be back by December or January. It is interesting the different between Brazilians and American Presidents. Brazilians are more prone to rules, whereas Americans and Especially President Tanner is a lot more calm leaving it up to the missionaries to choose to be obedient and only the rules that anything that will damage our ability to receive the spirit, the reputation of the Church and as a missionary in Missão Brasil Campinas we should not do.

Other things about the mission and Brazil; we receive an allowance like every other mission every 15 days of 90 reais (60-70 dollars) but in some places more expensive 100 reais to 150 reais. Here in São Manuel we get 100 R$, but most of our money goes to transportation on buses. The buses aren’t too expensive, but when you have to travel a lot for meetings and interview it quickly adds up. We get some money for food, but mostly from money members give us to eat.

The food here is wonderful, we do eat rice and beans every time we eat with members, but with other foods too, chicken is very popular because it is cheap, but also beef is really good too. We also drink a lot of soda; I love orange Fanta and Guarana, muito bom. And dad we eat a lot of Ice cream too, it is the same thing in the US and very cheap to.

This is just a little about the mission in Missão Brasil Campinas for you.

I will do my best to take the picture for the plaque soon

Tchau tchau

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