Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I am so excited for Levi and Julie and for the whole family, and those pictures are so wonderful, even the picture Levi kissed Julie. I am so glad that everyone could make it. Don’t worry about me I can feel a little of the love, spirit, and excitement that occurred; way to go.

Well I have been transferred again and I am about 4 and a half hours away from Campinas, in a small town São Manuel. My new companion is Elder Coelho da Silva, a brasierio, who is a great missionary. The trip over wasn’t as long as your but 4 hours wasn’t that bad, we slept in the house of the Zone leaders last night to catch the bus to São Manuel at 9a.m. This town is pretty old and old in the mission, right now there is branch here and the capela (chapel) is a house, but we well change that pretty soon.

Thank you for the confidence in me, I am always learning to be patient with the process of becoming the best missionary I can be. I have been thinking lately, I haven’t had as much success and other missionary in the field in terms of baptisms. This is a baptizing mission and there are people who really want to be baptised, but were to find them. It is normal to baptize 3, 4, 5 in a week and more in a mouth, but me only two. But these are two, I started really pondering over this, and the scripture in Doctrine and Convents 18 came to mind. “if you should labor all your days in crying repentance unto the children of men and bring just one soul how great should be your Joy, How great shall be your Joy if you can bring many souls unto God” How great shall be my joy with two souls children of heavenly father that are on their way to return to his presence, and After this how much desire I had to really find those people that are ready to receive the gospel, and too to really rely and have trust in the spirit. The thing I have been think has been a little lacking is using the spirit in finding, we have found some elect and it is possible, but now the trick is to develop this.

Thank you much for the pictures and the love, tchau tchau

Elder Sands