Wednesday, October 26, 2011

My materials are good I don't have any problems, the only thing that broke was the screen from my shaver and I will replace it with the new one I have. If you are to send a package peanut butter with candy from the US would be good, maybe some black socks and other things you would like to send and be sure to only use US postal service.

This last week went very well, we are getting everything ready for a wedding the 5th of November, with documents they need to show before, with invitations, it is some work but work that is well worth it so that Marcia can be saved and bring the gospel into her home and to heal this family. It has truly been a miracle and we can feel the love and happiness that has flooded into their lives. We are working with another couple were the Sister (Janaina) is a member and will marry with Adriano the 19 of November he will be baptized the same day with his daughter. On Saturday we were able to go to the temple in Campinas just to see and make a goal with them that in one year they will enter and be sealed, we were able to go into the waiting room and teach them a little about the purpose of temples and where they just get a taste of the spirit and the desire to make it to the end. I have pictures and I will try and send them when I get to a computer that actually works with my camera.

I can use Skype but the problem is being able to find a computer on Sunday that has Skype, but I have to wait to see if I will stay here in São Manuel or move to a different area, because transfers are on the 15 of November, But My companion said that I can call two days before Christmas to arrange for my call or on Skype but I will know more in a few more weeks.

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