Wednesday, November 2, 2011

It's great that you liked the DVD, that has all of the pictures I took up to two weeks ago, If you have any questions or want to know the story behind anyone just ask. I did a little digging about Christmas, If I stayed here in São Manuel I found Skype access but I will have to see if I will be transferred into another area or not.

Thanks for the uplifting encouragement I am learning a lot and learning how to really overcome my weaknesses as a person and as a missionary. My companion (Elder Coelho) is the best, he has taught me more things than my trainer taught me, not about learning Portuguese or learning how to do the basic teaching or techniques but really to speak well, teach with power, and work effectively to find, teach, and baptize children of our Heavenly Father. It has been hard but through the Lord my weaknesses are becoming strong.

This Saturday we will be baptizing a mother and Daughter after her wedding. The wedding and Baptism of Marsia has truly been a miracle, it has be challenging to track down all of the documents required, countless hours of waiting for the Bus, and overcoming every obstacle the enemy has put in our way, but you can feel the love the happiness in the lives of this family and with baptism starts their journey to return with God again and that makes it worth it.

Things are looking up in São Manuel with the help of the members and the cloud of distrust, hopelessness, defeat is starting to dissipate and the light of the gospel and the missionary work is starting to shine through.

An interesting story for you, on Sunday we were making our way to an area in São Manuel a little far, and on the way two ladies going to church stopped us and asked us to check to see if a man that was sleeping on the side of the road was dead. We went and find out he was drunk, very drunk. We helped him up and walk to a park to site and rest and with him was half liter of liquor, my companion asked for it 3 times and finally he gave it to us and right now we have liquor in our apartment, but don't worry we will trough it away where it belongs.

If anyone wants to know anything just ask I will be glad to answer.

Tchau Tchau

Elder Sands