Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Thank you for you wonderfully inspiring letter Acea and I am glad you like General Conference, I loved Elder Holland’s Talk, Elder Christofferson, Elder Scott foi muito bom. Acea I am sorry that I have not sent many pictures and they aren't very good I will do my very best to send them. I only have email right now and I can't even take the pictures from my camera in this area, but I will probably send a DVD of all of my pictures. If I had more time and not serving the Lord I would have perfect pictures, it is important to send picture to share the experience of the mission but a mission is not only about the pictures. You will understand it is not so easy on your mission.

General conference was great Acea. Yes I watched all 10 hours in Portuguese, It was great and a privilege but of course I didn't understand 100% perfect but I understood what the spirit spoke to me. I loved Elder Scotts talk, it was helpful to me to learn Portuguese better and comforting to, because he speaks Portuguese fluently Elder Scott translated and recorded himself speak in Portuguese which inspired me. And a neat fact, all of the talk for general conference are translated in Brazil by one brother in writing he is the stake president of the Stake itatiba my last area and had the privilege to talk to him, what a spiritual giant and very humble.

So great news, we are helping a couple marry and we sent for his birth certificate two weeks ago, and because of the post office strike going on right now we received it on Monday and we will mark a date and baptize him in the near future, a elect, a eleito is a person that accepts everything and desires to be baptized which he really is.

I had a question, for Christmas would it be possible to make a conference call with you and Levi and Julie?

Tchau tchau

Elder Sands