Wednesday, April 11, 2012

This week was wonderful. We are doing better at growing our teaching pool. This last Thursday we received extensive training on this principle. The reason why missionaries baptize a lot of people is that they are teaching a lot of people, so if one person is not interested there could be one that is willing to accept, at least one person can be baptized every week. We are helping a few families visit the church so that they can be baptized as soon as possible but with a little planning and faith, miracles will happen.

We are getting a lot of help from the members here is Perdoes and we are running into a good problem that many members are willing and wanting to teach with us, so we need a better system to plan every one. I think we will start using a calendar to plan every one, and we are receiving much more references. Some didn't pan out and we will be teaching a reference tonight and hopefully we can teach them so that they can be baptized here in a few weeks. Missionary work here is really great.

Is Acea teaching with the missionaries, if not I would encourage him at least once a month helping them out, it doesn't really help you practice in teaching or working as a missionary, because he will go to a mission that is completely different in every way, but it will help straighten his desire and testimony.

How is Ryne doing, has he received his mission call already, and is Ben on his mission yet.

Tchau, I love you all

Elder Sands