Wednesday, April 18, 2012

That is great that everyone is doing great. I didn't know that Julie played the piano or organ that is pretty cool.

Well I am in a bit of need, I didn't want to spend my mission asking for things but this time I need some help. Can you send my 1 or two pairs of good insoles, my shoes are going and my feet are hurting and it is very difficult to find and very expensive to buy. also can you send at least 10 pairs of good thick black socks, all of mine have great gaping holes in them and you can't buy socks with quality here in Brazil, the faster the better please, thank you so much.

This is the last week of the transfer, I didn't know but this transfer only has 5 weeks rather than the normal 6 weeks. We are also trying to go after two baptisms we are planning for Sunday. I prayed to know how and who we can baptize this week and after I received an answer of two people. One is a son of a active member that returned to the church after being inactive for many years, and another is the brother of Tais the young woman we baptized in march. It is going great and with our faith and effort they both will be baptized.

It is also looking like I will leave Perdoes on Tuesday; it has been 6 mouths of learning and changing. I am more confidant in the Lord and his power to help us work miracles and to fulfill the will of the Lord, but only after we do our part. I am thinking of all of the things I will do differently in a new area to find the people that are prepared to accept the Gospel.

I will see you all here in a few weeks for Mother's Day. I will talk more about it in a few weeks; what time, what day and everything so that I can talk to all of you.

If you can work on the package that would be MOST wonderful and I love all of you!


Elder Sands