Monday, September 17, 2012

How are you all doing today? That is great that Acea gave that talk it looks like was really good parabems.

The Work is going here in Piracicaba 6, we are trying are very best to do our part even though investigators don't really want to do their part.

Tomorrow we are having a special multi-zone conference with Elder Mazzagardi who is the second counselor of the Brazil area presidency which is going to be really good, and it will help a lot to be better missionaries and more effective to.

It is getting really hot here it is almost 40 degrees C 104 degrees F and dry as can be with the last rain fall 3 months ago.

We are also planning on baptizing the wife of a member that return and he is ready to baptize her we just need to mark her baptism and teach her the rest of the lessons and fill up the baptismal font and she is well on her way to get sealed and return to the presence of Heavenly Father.

There is not much more to report just keep me updated about the election and the family and I will talk to you all next week. Also I will send another DVD of all of my videos that I have taken on the mission so that you can see them; it is the easiest and fastest way to get them to you.

Love Elder Sands