Monday, September 24, 2012

I am doing great here, but it always seems that there isn't a lack of trail and hardships when you think you are doing everything right working hard that is when it is the hardest, but this is good it helps me grow a lot faster and when it is easier we know how to handle the hardship. We have been trying to Preach the Gospel, One thing that I just can't resist is telling people about the gospel I don't worry anymore if people accept or reject I will do my part at all costs that is where we find the most joy. The mission has just been one blurry but good memories where you forget all of the bad days and difficulties and just remember the people that you have baptized, the wonderful members and companions, and the fun with other missionaries.

This next week I will have 1 year and 6 months in the field and with this time remaining we will do a lot more good.

I forgot to take a picture with Sister Ward, but the next time I see her I will talk a picture of us for the newsletter.

Did you see the picture I took of the Campinas temple like you wanted? Is it good?

Love Elder Sands