Monday, September 3, 2012

I will get your letters next week because P-Day moved today to Monday like I said a few times. I am so excited in everything.

We are planning the baptism of Cintia who is the wife of the man we baptized on the 25th this Saturday and we are all excited, Erico was confirmed yesterday and they are all wearing Sunday best and are so happy, and here in one year they will get sealed. After all of the difficulties that I have faced the lord is rewarding us for our patience and long suffering. We are also helping another wife of a member get baptized we are just waiting for him to be able to baptize her because she only wants him to do it which is perfectly fine and great.

We are working hard to reach all of our goals and pass the mission standard of excellence. When we try our best to reach and pass that standard I feel we are blessed with people to teach, are lessons don't fall through, and we are happy knowing that we are doing our part. My companion Elder Jamilson is a blast one of my favorite companions yet, he is funny had helps with that everyday stress that we all feel and he helps a lot because he knows how to work and we are a good team together.

I will get your emails next week but I am fine with that.

I will talk you all later.

Love Elder Sands