Monday, November 5, 2012

I am glad that you got the videos and even though my English is pretty bad, I remember enough to help teach English.

This week went well, we were able to find several great people and during an activity in the Ward we went door to door giving out pass along cards and members found a part member family that we didn't know lived in our area. The man is named Lindomar. He was baptized 5 years ago but his girlfriend is not and she really wanted to go to church. They need to get married, but we have been teaching them this last week and we brought the bishop and he gave them a ride to Church.  She is really sincere to find out if this is really the true Church of Christ even though she was active in the Adventist of the seventh day Church a few years ago. They loved the church and what to come back.

Really some times when things are tough and you're working, but you are not seeing the results we can do just one thing, Trust in the Lord for help and doing everything we can do and control and we will receive the Blessings.

This Last week has been hot reaching temperatures of 107. That is pretty toasty, but Elder Lee has it way worse in Cuiaba with 120 degrees and that is normal.

I hope everything goes well for you all

Love Elder Sands