Monday, November 12, 2012

Thanks for the work out tips, I will start doing that, and for a few days a week my companion and I have been running with some young men in the Ward and that has been helping. I think the main thing I need to cut back on in the Soda which we drink every day in the member's homes for Lunch, but I will watch more what I eat.

This week has been a roller coaster, the week started out great where we taught a few people and follow up about how they like the church. Then came the rain, the great Brazilian rain that poured from the skies, and when it rains like that, we get soaked and it makes it hard to work.

On Thursday was a sad day in where a member of the Church here named Joao had a heart attack and he died yesterday leaving two daughters and a 6 year old son. It was shocking and we all felt the sad atmosphere and today we went to the funeral. It is a good thing we understand the plan of salvation; that sting of death really is swallowed up in the atonement of Christ. This is the 5th person that I knew that has passed away while I have been on my mission and you can feel that comfort from the Spirit.

We have been teaching the couple of lindomar e Selma and they have really been progressing, they didn't go to church yesterday because they had a fight and didn't feel right going to church, We have been seeing this for the past week but it is hard too because they are not marry yet, but we have been bringing many members with us, and the bishop, to help them out with these things and we plan on doing a family home evening to help them with their relationship.

Transfers will be next week so we see if I will stay or go to finish my last part of the mission.

Love you all

Elder Sands