Monday, August 10, 2015


This last week was wonderful. We've had a fair amount of success and 2 of our investigators are still on date and we are having tons of less-active members coming to church! It's Wonderful!

Not everything in this world can be song, dance, and Jolly Ranchers however. One of our investigators who is on date now probably won't be soon. He's not been coming to church and says he's been having a lot of problems lately so he'll most likely not be able to make it by August 23rd.

It also sounds like I’m leaving the ASL program and going to the mountains to be with Elder Clark, the missionary who used to be zone leader over my zone for 9 transfers (that's about a year of being a zone leader in one area). He's is really nice person and we'll get along great. I'm just really sad about leaving ASL and the worst part is that I’ll miss both of the baptisms! After working with an investigator for 6 months and she gets baptized the Saturday after I transfer! Now that is awful timing.

I also just got a new Logitech iPad case and keyboard (which I am using to type this email) and they are both wonderful. The keyboard has a felt like feeling to it instead of the normal plastic. It's also made to be used for anything with Bluetooth so it's not just apple. It's the perfect size and it works really well. The case is a wonderful shade of purple and can adjust to any angle you wish and it protects the case quite well. Really nice.

I hope everything is going good for every one of you out there reading this letter. I just want to share my testimony that I know this church is true and it has blessed my life beyond measure, and no matter what part of life you may be in right now, there is something Heavenly Father wants to help you with, it is just a simple matter of asking for it. I know this is true for I have felt it.

Have a wonderful Week!

Elder Sands