Monday, August 31, 2015


This last week was the best!

It wasn't a Monsoon when we left, but it quickly turned into one. The rain and the wind was coming down so hard that the only semi-reliable source of light was the almost-constant lightning. The rain was coming down so hard that in 15 minutes, there were small rivers forming on the side of all the roads and after 30 minutes, the sidewalks disappeared under all the rain water. There was complete flooding happening everywhere. We used this time, however, to go and visit all the people we wanted to come to church. I remember there was this one man who was sitting outside one of our investigator's houses and we walked up and he was completely shocked that we were willing to go out in the rain just to get people to church. At that time, we were completely soaked and were walking it puddles in our shoes from all the rain. It is amazing the reaction you get from people. They're like, "Sure, I’ll go to church 'cause you guys are so freakin' crazy to be out in this weather just to get me to come to church."

We came home and took a few videos to show everyone. When we were biking home, I was on the sidewalks biking because the biking lanes were under 8 inches of water, the sidewalks were only under 1 or 2. But when I came to an intersection, I had to bike as hard as I could then tuck my legs up as far as I could so then when I plunged into the 8-9 inch deep water that my legs and shoes wouldn't slow me down and I would hope that I got fast enough to push my bike across the intersection to a place where I could pedal without putting my foot underwater. So much fun.

But that is a wonderful example of what happens when we work really hard, especially in the Lord's service. Our hard work and example can cause anothers' conscience to wake up and it can stir them to action

Have a great week!

Elder Sands

Picture of:
Soaked by monsoon