Tuesday, August 25, 2015

This last week has been amazing!

This new (English) area has more investigators and recent converts than my deaf branch has members. We have about 10 appointments a day and wow is it hot here on bike. The majority of our ward are these 5 neighboring apartment complexes on the southern-most boundary of our ward (and the furthest away from our apartment) that, added together, are about 1,000 apartments. That is where 95% of our work is and most of those places are really rough, there are homicides in those places monthly, but wow, some of the best people, who are truly converted to the gospel, live in those places.

One of my favorite people, Shawna, just met with us for the first time last week and she is just taking in the gospel like a sponge. When we asked her when she would want to be baptized, and gave her the 12th, 19th, and 26th as possibilities, she responded without hesitation the 12th. We're going to have to teach her a lot, but she, in her words as she described it, it was filling a void, or a hole in her life that she didn't know was there.

I know this Gospel is true and that blessings await you in keeping the Sabbath Day holy!

I hope you have a great week everyone!

Elder Sands