Monday, August 3, 2015


This last week was wonderful! About 8-9 months ago, there was an investigator who was just about to be baptized but a week before the day, he moved to Mexico because of family. This last week he came back! Wow this guy is golden. He remembers almost everything from the lessons and is really excited and anxious to be baptized. He’s on date for the 23rd of August. Then we had a lesson with our other eternigator (A person who's been investigating for what seems like eternity) and she finally accepted a date to be baptized. She also chosen the 23rd. Wonderful to see such progress and conversion in those two!

The ASL program is getting shifted around a bit this next transfer. Elder Brose is coming back from hearing work after 4 transfers there and either Elder Burr or I will be transferred to hearing work. Elder Burr's been my companion since day one so it’ll be strange without him.

This P-day we took on a walk on the worldly side, we went to the Scottsdale Fashion Square (a mall) and for all of you who have read or watched the hunger games, it was like walking into the capitol. Everyone was wearing really nice clothes, had lots of jewelry, and were browsing the $500-1000 things like it was nothing.

We looked at the ties and I saw one that was amazing and it felt so good, but then I looked at the price tag and saw a whopping $84! That was kind of depressing but it was fun to look at all the expensive stuff. We also went to the Windows store (there was no Apple Store which kind of tells you something...) and got to play on the several different kinds of surfaces and the desktops. They had tons of really cool keyboards and mice, and wow, Windows 10 is amazing! That personal assistant is really nice too (blows Siri out of the water). We also visited the Tesla store. It was really cool to see all the technology integrated into that car. That is probably my dream car right now.

I also got this really cool fountain for my study desk. It makes me happy.