Wednesday, November 16, 2011

We had transfers this week and us both were transferred, I was transferred to perdões an area close to my second area of Itatiba. My new companion is Elder Cunha he is wonderful, he is really excited to work and we will have miracles here in perdões. We are opening an area and the two elders that left didn’t really leave anything for us, no information of investigators, no information about the area, but we found out the members are really excited to work and almost begged us to let them work with us, and that is what we are going to do, the work really can’t move forward much without the missionaries and the members working together, giving references to the missionaries, making friendships with investigators, etc. I am glad you are worried for me but don’t worry I gave that story to show how much Elder Coelho has helped me grow and really become successful. And I have overcome a lot of weaknesses with teaching, working in the Field, planning, all types of thing that are need to become senior companion.

Your question you asked last week or two about Halloween here in Brazil, it is not the same thing with the gathering of candy at every door, it is only parties because it is part of the American culture they have adopted, but Stores sell costumes which are used for parties.

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